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Friday, 28 September 2012

Hairstyles with Bangs

Bangs are the perfect way to give your face more definition and character, they can frame your eyes and bring more attention to your cheekbones. There are so many styles of bangs to choose from to get the ultimate result for you hair and face.

Short Bangs

Bangs above the eyebrow can add affect and frame the face. This is a prefect idea for those who are still scared to commit to a full bang and want to still keep their hair from their eyes.

Blunt Bangs

Hair is cut in a straight line just below the brow line which is the perfect way to create a statement look that will get you noticed. This hairstyle will add emphasis to your eyes and make up.

Side Swept Bangs

This is a very versatile hairstyle for many hair types and can add to a side parting. This is a good hairstyle for someone who has curly hair and cannot maintain a straight full bang.

Parted Bangs

This is a very fashion forward way to wear a bang perfect for those who have wavy hair to add drama to that east to maintain bang.  

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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Celebrity Hairstyles 2012 - The Saturdays

Frankie Sandford

Frankie rocks a shorter haircut then her fellow band mates with a signature long side swept fringe known as an asymmetrical bob to compliment the structure of her face. She has revamped this look during the year with a mixture of messy effortless takes on the hairstyle to a more sleek polished look. The pop starlet then changed the colour of her dark brown locks to a more golden blonde colour as a more fun summer look. Frankie illustrated how a short bob or pixie look can be transformed easily without the need for extensions, its all about the volume.

Mollie King

This blonde bombshell has remained true to her signature look. She varies the length of her hair however recently she has settled for a neater cut to her shoulders with a soft polished curl. The Saturdays are unique in the sense that each of the members have their own hairstyles. Mollie is very classic, old school glamour hairstyle which works for this graceful pop star.  Many people are now asking their hairdressers to recreate this versatile look for them. Her bouncy loose curls can be achieved by blow drying your hair in sections with a round barreled brush.

Rochelle Wiseman

Rochelle changes her hairstyle from full long loose curls with incredible volume with the use of extensions to a short sophisticated bob made famous by Victoria Beckham to compliment her high cheek bones. No matter what hairstyle Rochelle goes for she always looks elegant and glamorous. Rochelle also experiements with up-styles and plaits. Rochelle has flawless hair that allows her to carry off any look from the stage to the red carpet.

Vanessa White

Vanessa wears her hair in large curls in various different colours to add more originality and personality to this hairstyle. She has changed her natural brown hair colour to a darker shade to black and even experiments with red and purple dyes. Vanessa has fun with her look but always looks effortless and well put together with her smoky eye make-up and statement lips. Vanessa illustrates that the bigger the curl the better. 

Una Healy

This beautiful red head embraces her natural colour with copper highlights to embrace her Irish fair skin with a mix of curls for a more boho look or a sleek straightened style for a more sophisticated polished look and shimmering waves. This look is pure Hollywood in terms of volume and shape with a more girl next door finish. Una is a unique pop star in the sense that she is embracing her natural beauty and staying true to her heritage. 

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