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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Balayage Highlights – the biggest Summer/Autumn trend of 2011

HairstylesWhen it comes to lightening up, one of the most natural-looking and modern colouring techniques available right now is balayage. One of the most notable celebs to bring this trend to our attention was Gisele who sported her honey-toned gorgeous locks more than five years ago. They have since grown in popularity with the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker, Drew Barrymore and Jessica Biel joining forces to achieve fabulous natural looking highlights.
What is Balayage?
Balayage, a French word meaning ‘to sweep’ is a new method of highlighting which lightens the hair gradually from root to tip. This technique achieves an ultra-natural effect by mimicking nature’s way of subtly lightening hair. To balayage the hair, a lightening agent is painted on using a brush and then applied in a sweeping motion from the tip to the root creating a more natural sun-kissed colour. The stylist uses more of a free-style technique and in a “sweeping” motion applies lightener very thinly at the roots to a much thicker application towards the ends. This provides ultimate control over colour application and allows for less regrowth and much more colour contrast within the hair. In addition, the process requires no heat or foils so the hair experiences minimal damage.
HairstylesThe result
The results can vary from a multi-toned rather casual yet very natural-looking look to a more dramatic dip-dye finish. Balayage achieves a more carefree result than traditional, uniform highlights and standard blocks of colour. The sunbleached effect is achieved far more naturally as the streaks of colour aren’t defined as the stylist works more freely and intuitively to suit the individuals hair. The balayage technique has so far proven to be the most natural looking highlights ever giving the impression you have just spent the summer frolicking on a beach somewhere!
HairstylesNot Just for Blondes
Ombré is a French word that literally means "shaded like a gradient," so brunettes and redheads need not be left behind. The results will look super-chic with shading graduating from dark at the roots to light at the ends. Check out Rose Byrne (right) and Olivia Parlemo (left) here to see how the shades of caramels and cinnamons mix wonderfully with their dark hair bringing their eyes into focus and complimenting the skin tones perfectly.

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