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Friday, 31 August 2012

Perfect Polka Dot Nails

With all the amazing nail art these days you can’t help but wish you could do them yourself. From pretty floral patterns to tribal designs they all have us lusting after fun and far from boring nails. So here is a pattern that is so easy to do yourself – Perfect Polka Dot Nails!!! There just as eye catching as any fancy design and are so simple to achieve, all you need is a hair slide and your favourite nail polishes!!!! It’s far from complicated and takes little amount of time. Follow this step by step guide to get perfect polka dot nails!! 

  • Start by painting your nails with your base colour and allow to dry. Paint your thumbs last as this will allow you to clean up any polish mistakes.
  • Now the fun part begins. Using a simple hair slide (make sure to bend the slide as you will be able to dip it into the nail polish easier), place a dot in the center of each nail, and then carefully place dots around it methodically. Use the base colour to cover up any mistakes.
  • Finish off by painting your nails with a clear top coat to give your polka dots some extra shine and to prevent the dots from chipping.

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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Festival Hairstyles

With Electric Picnic kicking off this weekend it’s time to start planning that festival hairstyle that will above all withstand the Irish weather. There are plenty of hairstyles to try out this year it’s just all about getting creative. Embrace being without your beloved shampoo, conditioner and straightener’s and use the festival as an excuse to experiment with new hairstyles. Check out these festival friendly hairstyles that will leave you looking festival fabulous all weekend long!!

Messy/ Top –Knot Buns
This hairstyle is definitely another festival favourite. It’s a perfect hairstyle to end the festival weekend with as it works best with dirty hair. This hairstyle is hassle free and only takes minutes to achieve and works great under any weather conditions. Try adding a colourful scarf or hairband to give the hairstyle some extra edge. Finish the look off by pulling a few strands out to frame the face to make it more chic and trendy.

Boho Waves
Sexy tousled boho waves are a perfect festival hairstyle. This hairstyle works better on long naturally wavy hair. However don’t fret if your hair is poker straight simply braid the hair when it’s wet and unravel it when it’s dry. This is a great fuss free style that is easy to manage. Floral headbands look great with this hairstyle creating a cute hippy style.  Why not make a bigger impact with this hairstyle and pump up the volume by adding some Hair Extensions. Book a number of salons specializing in Hair Extensions on

Braids, French Plaits and Fishtails. 
These looks scream festival hairstyles as they are easy to pull off with many options to choose from. They offer an instant style change that is guaranteed to attract a lot of attention. All these hairstyles are ideal as they keep your hair out of the way while still looking gorgeous. Wear them messy and tousled to get that relaxed wind swept look, the messier the better! Get braiding as these hairstyles will stay put all weekend long.

 Top Tips:
  • Don’t forget to pack dry shampoo as it will become your new best friend leaving your hair looking fresh and smelling wonderful.
  • Hair accessories are another big must have. There great for disguising greasy roots and distracting from knotted tresses.

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