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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Hairstyles 2012 - Beautiful Bouffants

It has been said that it was Mary Antoinette who first sported the bouffant hairstyle back in the 18th century. However it wasn’t until the 1960’s that this hairstyle became a major trend thanks to a number of style icons such as Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn and Bridgette Bardot pictured below. 

Today this retro hairstyle has definitely made a big come back with celebrities and the catwalks celebrating this vintage inspired hairdo. The hairstyle is characterized by height and fullness at the crown that can be styled in many different ways from a ponytail to a half-up hairstyle to a classic up-style. To get the perfect bouffant hairstyle you need to get plenty of volume at the roots and the key to achieving this is backcombing and plenty of it! Bouffant hairstyles can only really differ in terms of volume. To make your face appear slimmer opt for a sky high bouffant, however if you want a more modern take on the hairstyle keep the bouffant small or add some curls to give the hairstyle a more up to date look or for a more playful look try adding a scarf. 

Celebrities such as Adele, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna have all donned bouffant hairstyles.

The bouffant hairstyle was all over the Autumn/Winter 2012 catwalks of Carolina Herrara, Oscar de la Renta and Moschino. 

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Friday, 26 October 2012

Halloween Hairstyles 2012

If you are still undecided about what to dress up as this year and cash is a bit tight for a costume then do not fear SalonAddict has some scary and cute suggestions for easy to do hairstyles to have a night to remember for some Halloween trick or treats. 

Wonder Woman

Kim Kardashian models the Wonder Woman look here perfectly with her glossy black hair brushed back from her forehead while the rest of her hair drapes over her shoulders for the perfect pin up hairstyle. For a look more true to Lynda Carter more curls could be added to the ends of the hair. The greater the volume the better, as this will create more drama to the hairstyle which requires a confident individual to best portray this super hero. 

 Pippy Long Stockings

This is a very simple hairstyle to recreate this Halloween. All you need to do is split your hair in half and put it into two plaits at each side of your head. For the full effect consider putting some wire into the centre of each plait so that they stick out.

Marilyn Monroe

Some people opt not to dress scary for Halloween instead they dress up as their favourite icon. Marilyn is a favourite among many women who want to replicate her distinctive look. In order to achieve her hairstyle a partial quiff and curled blonde hair is essential. Remember the glossier the better as this will add more drama to the hairstyle.

Cat Woman

Today Cat Woman has a full facial mask, however in the 60s Julie Newmar was arguably the most iconic Cat Woman. She wore her hair very simple in a long bob style. She wore a hair band with the essential cat ears on each side. The hair was then wrapped around the hairband so that you could not tell she was wearing one. This is a very simple yet effective hairstyle to try out this Halloween.


One of the most popular looks for girls at Halloween is a cute Fairy. This look allows you to have fun with your hairstyle and be as creative as possible. Minnie Driver has pulled her curly hair back to allow more emphasis to her tiara and face paint.

Bride of Frankenstein

Bride of Frankenstein is another effective look if you want to go all out for Halloween this year. However don’t think that you have to buy a wig for this look you can put your own interpretation on it by crimping your hair and adding more and more hairspray as you brush it outwards. For more drama a non-permanent dye could be used to get the spiral effect on the side this could also be done by using a spray can. Have fun with this look and remember the more strange and sinister the better!

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