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Friday, 12 October 2012

Tips to make your Manicure Last

With all the amazing nail art and magnificent manicures to choose from today, there is nothing worse than having your nails perfectly manicured to only have them smudged, chipped and peeled after a couple of days! Follow these key steps and avoid any manicure mishaps and make sure you get the most out of your manicure!!!

Wear a Base Coat - This acts as a primer to allow the polish to adhere more easily. Plus it helps prevent some colours from staining your nails.

Wear a Top Coat - It seals in your manicure absorbs shock impact & provides an extra layer to protect the colour from changing, chipping & becoming dull. Later in the week, reapply it to make the colour pop again and seal in the polish for a couple more days.

Wrap polish onto nails - When applying polish, sweep a bit across the edge and under the nail tip. This "wraps" the end, minimizing chipping.

Sport Shorter Nails - When you have long nails, they hit everything before the pads of your fingers. Shorter nails don’t do that as often. Longer nails suffer more wear & tear.

Buff Your Nails  - When you have a smooth, ridge-free surface to work with, your nail polish applies more smoothly & adheres to your nails better. This improves your chances for a longer-lasting manicure.

Always Remove Old Polish Before Adding New Polish - Old polish has a higher chance of chipping. Putting more polish on top of old polish just makes it a thick, ugly mess that won’t last.

Protect hands from water - Immersing your hands in water for too long can cause polish to lift off the nail, shortening the life of your manicure. Use rubber gloves when you're washing dishes, and keep showers to a quick 10-15 minutes.

Add a new nail colour - If just the tips and/or corners are beginning to chip, easily turn it into a French tip with another colour polish or glitter or even do a design.

If you don’t have time to follow these manicure saving techniques, Shellac manicures are less prone to chipping and can last for a few weeks. Book a Shellac manicure now with SalonAddict.

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