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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Dramatic Celebrity Hairstyles

Sarah Harding

Known as the blonde bombshell from Girls Aloud Sarah has donned a number of different haircuts and hairstyles throughout her career. However we think that this short blunt haircut is definitely one of her most dramatic hairstyle transformations.

Willow Smith 


Willow Smith could longer whip here hair when she decided to chop it all off and shave her head. She has made this buzzcut far from boring by dying it a number of bright colours. This hairstyle is definitely a bold statement for such a young star. 

Emma Watson

The British beauty opted for the chop after the final Harry Potter was filmed. This hairstyle moved her from a pretty cute child star to a bonafide fashonista.

Katie Holmes 

We are used to seeing Katie Holmes with a girl next door style hairstyle so when she went for a 1920's inspired bob it sure was a dramatic haircut.

Kristen Stewart

Although this haircut was for her role as Joan Jett in The Runways, this rock n roll mullet definitely shocked  her Twilight fans who are used to Bella's long flowing locks.  

Britney Spears

Last but not least and probably the most shocking of them all is Britney's drastic buzzcut. During her infamous meltdown in February 2007, the pop princess took it upon herself to shave her own head in front of tonnes of paparazzi. But today Britney is back on track and is sporting gorgeous hairstyles as a Judge on the American X Factor.

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