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Friday, 21 December 2012

Ten Christmas Beauty and Hair Tips

Christmas time is full of festive parties and family get –togethers so looking your best is on top of everyone’ s list. Here are some key hair and beauty tips to keep you looking hot right through Christmas. 

1.      Invest in a soothing eye cream to treat tired puffy eyes. 

2.      To make sure your party hairstyles lasts all night long don’t leave the house without spraying some hairspray to keep your hair in place. 

3.      From all the night parties falling into bed with your make-up still on is very tempting. To keep your skin glowing and healthy looking this must be avoided at all costs and sticking to your regular skin care regime is a must. 

4.      Hours of Christmas shopping can take its toll on your body, so treat yourself to an early Christmas present and book yourself in for a relaxing massage

5.      Having perfectly groomed eyebrows can make all the difference to your overall appearance. Whether you tweeze, wax or thread shaping your eyebrows will open up your eyes dramatically.

6.      Having perfectly manicured nails always gives you a confidence boost. So enjoy chip and smudge free nails this Christmas by booking a Shellac manicure at one of SalonAddict’s member salons. 

7.      Make the most of your eyelashes by blasting your eyelash curler with the hairdryer, the heat will help the curl hold. If you want a more dramatic look why not opt for false eyelashes to get that ultra va-va voom look. 

8.      From heavy make-up to sugary cocktails to office sweets your skin can begin to break out. To keep your skin looking healthy, go for a deep cleansing facial to get rid of any impurities that have built up over the Christmas season. 

9.      Over use of your heated styling tools this Christmas can leave your hair looking dry and damaged. Why not treat your tresses to a deep conditioning treatment that will leave your hair looking strong and shiny. 

10.  Nourish your body from within by eating all the right foods and drinking plenty of water.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Hairstyles 2012 - Award Season

As 2012 is drawing to a close SalonAddict thought it was only fitting to look back at the numerous hairstyles from the Awards season and see who came in on top and who was not so hot!!

The Golden Globes


Zooey Deschanel pulled off 60’s chic perfectly with a voluminous bouffant hairstyle,while Charlize Theron added a jewelled hairband that gave her timeless chignon an elegant touch. 


Kelly Osbourne’s blue rinse and blue dress proved too much, while Tilda Swinton received mixed reviews on her large quiff hairstyle.

The SAG Awards


Dianna Argon put a playful twist on the traditional headband braid hairstyle and made the up-do more interesting by opting for a fishtail braid instead. Although her jumpsuit failed to impress everyone, Rose Byrne’s new haircut proved to be a big hit. Her 70’s inspired bob with blunt bangs made up for her fashion fax paux.


Natalie Portman went for a plain ballerina bun and we much prefer to see Sophia Vergara’s hair loose, curly and full of volume. There is nothing really wrong with these hairstyles they are just boring compared to the rest of the hairstyles from that night.

People’s Choice Awards


Nina Dobrev went for a simple yet stunning hairstyle, her super sleek straight tresses left us green with envy. Julianne Hough looked equally glamourous by adding textured waves for a full bodied long bob hairstyle.


Robert Pattinson shaved off his bed head locks that gave him his heartthrob status. He turned up to the awards with a new buzz cut that didn’t go down well with his legions of fans.

The Emmy’s


Heidi Klum looked every inch the super model with her flicked out hairstyle, while Ginnifer Goodwind carried off the pixie haircut perfectly.


Ashley Judd’s large bouffant hairstyle made a big impact on the red carpet for all the wrong reasons. Connie Britton failed to pull off the half-up, half-down hairstyle as her hair was styled into an awkward length.

The Oscars 


Jessica Chastain’s signature fiery red locks were styled into the perfect example of the half- up, half-down hairstyle. Another red head that was also a big hit was Berenice Bejo. Her hair was styled into a gorgeous up- do with a pretty french braid added to the side.


Not everyone was feeling Rooney Mara’s hairstyle, the blunt haircut is extremely harsh, while Sandra Bullock’s ponytail looked fake due to the hair extensions.