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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Top Tips to prevent frizzy hair this winter.

Fight the frizz this winter by following these top tips!!! 

  • Do not was your hair every day. Excessive washing will dry your hair out even more increasing the amount of frizz. Allow the natural oils from your hair build up, these natural oils will help reduce frizz.
  • After washing your hair always rinse with cold water. It locks down and seals the cuticles.
  • Do not towel dry your hair. A towel damages the hair cuticle and causes them to stand.
  • Let your hair dry naturally. Blow drying your hair will only contribute to frizzy unmanageable hair. If you’re stuck for time and can’t air dry your hair, blow dry on a low setting with the nozzle aimed down the hair shaft. When your hair is finally dry blast it the air with cold air to calm any frizz and to help your hairstyle stay in place.
  • Go for regular haircuts to get rid of split ends which cause the ends of your hair to appear frizzy and damaged.
  • Overuse of heated styling tools cause dry damaged hair and using these during the winter months will only add to this problem which in turn will result in frizzy hair. Try cutting them out or else use on a low setting.
  • Avoid using hair spray to combat against frizzy hair. The alcohol in hair spray can lead to frizz by causing the hair’s cuticle to swell.
  • Avoid brushing your hair (especially when it’s wet), instead use a wide tooth comb.
  • Deep condition your hair once a week. One of the most common causes of frizz is dry hair so it’s vital that you keep moisturizing your hair. A deep conditioning treatment will repair your hair and keep it hydrated.

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