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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Nail Polish – How to polish your own nails

After seeing to your cuticles and filling your nails (read here), they must be cleaned. This will remove any oil or moisturiser residue. Simply wipe them with a cotton pad soaked in nail polish remover.

If you are planning on painting your nails, there is no need to buff them. The shine achieved from buffing will be covered with a polish, so you're wasting your time.

To begin, always apply a base coat. This will prevent your nails from discolouring. Have you ever noticed a yellowy-orange hue on your nails after removing a darker coloured nail polish? This is because a base coat was not applied. Apply the base coat to all ten nails in light strokes. Start the stroke near the cuticle and finish at the free-edge or tip of the nail. Wait a few seconds after each application for the coat to dry.

When applying the colour, ensure that you only have polish on one side of the polish brush. If you have too much polish on the brush it will swamp the cuticle. Always leave a tiny gap between the cuticle and the polish. If polish is applied on the cuticles, it will have a drying effect. This can make your cuticles look messy.

Only apply three brush strokes per nail. The fewer strokes you use, the fewer streaks the nail will have. If you have broad fingernails and wish to make them appear slimmer, simply leave a small polish-free gap either side of the nail.

Don’t worry if you make any mistakes (we all do it), they are easily corrected.  To remove polish from the cuticles, soak a small paint brush/cotton bud in nail polish remover. Carefully brush/rub over the excess polish and clean up around the outside of the nail. Ideally, you should only apply two coats of the coloured polish on each nail.

When applying a French polish, always apply the white tip first. To create the perfect white tip or smile-line, use the paint-brush to help you. Then apply your base and two coats of the main polish.

All polishes should be finished with a high gloss top coat.  This will prolong the polish and add a salon quality shine.

To speed up the drying process, there are many quick-drying tips and products around. There are some quick-dry-sprays available and some people even claim putting your nails in ice cold water to make the nails dry faster! However, the most effective smudge-free option is to just leave sufficient time for drying. To check that your nails are dry, tap them gently in an inconspicuous area. When nails are fully dry, apply cuticle oil to finish.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Dry Shampoo – Is it for you?

Dry shampoo is a greasy hair life-saver. It is a quick and easy way to banish oily roots and
give dull, lifeless hair the makeover it needs without water. A once over with dry shampoo can
revitalise your hair. It can add body, absorb excess oil and leave your hair with a refreshing smell. What more could you ask for?

How does it work?
Dry shampoo is a powder which absorbs the excess oils (sebum) produced by the glands on
your scalp. When there is a build up of these oils, your hair will look greasy and may begin to smell.
By absorbing these oils, therefore, the dry shampoo is basically de-greasing your hair without the need to wash it.

How to apply it
1) Wash your hands with soap and water.
2) Apply the dry shampoo to the roots of your hair especially along your parting and around
your face (these are the most visible parts of your hair and usually the greasiest).
3) Massage the powder into the roots with your fingertips for about 30 seconds.
4) With a clean brush or comb, brush out the powder or rub it out of your roots with a clean
5) Don’t tell anyone that you didn’t wash your hair properly or they’ll think you’re dirty!!!!

Products Available
There are a number of different brands of dry shampoo available. They are all relatively
cheap (approx. €10) and are a good investment considering they’re only used for hair emergencies.
Batiste® is probably the most popular brand and is my first choice, as it’s widely available in
most supermarkets and pharmacies. As well as this, there are a number of different Batiste®
products designed for all hair colours and with varying scents. They also come in small travel sizes which are handy for those weekends away where you don’t have access to a hair-dryer.

The major shortcoming with dry shampoo is the white residue that it can leave on your roots
after each application. My advice to you therefore is, go easy on the application and make sure you brush it or rub it all out before leaving the house.

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Friday, 25 November 2011

How to file your nails

Choosing a nail file
Nail files come in many different grit types. This basically mean some files are stronger or more abrasive than others. Most nail files have two different grits on each side of the file. Some grits should only be used on false or extended nails, such as acrylic and gel nails, as they are very coarse. If the file is too strong it may cause you to lose control and file off more than you intended to! This can also lead to painful cuts and slices on the side of the finger and can cause the nail to become weaker and start peeling.

Buying your nail file
If you are tending to your natural nail, always buy your files from a pharmacy or supermarket. Buying from a salon supplier can be tricky because they carry a very wide range of files and some may be too coarse for your needs.

Breaking in your new file
To break in a new file and avoid unwanted nicks, scrape the each side of your new nail file against an old file - this will take the sharpness off the file.

The filing process
When filing your nails, always file the nail in one direction only. Do not file back and forth, as this can cause peeling. Always use the weaker side of the file for finger nails and the stronger side for toe nails. Do not soak your finger nails before filing, as soaking will soften the nail which will make it harder to shape and easier to demolish!

Nail shape
The healthiest shape for growing nails is square-like i.e. straight across the top with the sides slightly tapered off at the corners. This avoids the nails snagging or getting caught in anything and breaking.

Finishing touches
To finish off the nail so that no bits lurk underneath, there is a salon trick called 'Bevelling'. To do this, simply run the nail file or a soft buffer gently and quickly from side to side underneath the nail. This will remove the debris and leave you with a perfectly clean shape. - Book Manicures Online

Monday, 21 November 2011

Lather, Rinse, Repeat: The Art of Shampooing Your Hair!

Shampooing your hair is a fine art. Trying to balance the frequency of shampooing your hair to keep your hair clean, whilst retaining its healthy condition, can be pretty tricky. Shampooing your hair too frequently can strip it of its natural oils. This can make your hair dry and more prone to split ends and breakage. On the other hand, shampooing infrequently means your hair gets greasy and smelly. So, how often should we be shampooing our hair?
Here’s the science
Your scalp produces a natural oil or wax called sebum,which acts to protect your hair and skin and can stop the growth of bacteria. The pores in your scalp are constantly producing sebum which coats your hair follicles. Although sebum is odourless, when it’s broken down by the natural bacteria on your skin, it can produce an odour, hence the nasty smell of greasy hair.

How often to wash your hair?
As a general rule, hair should be shampooed every 2-3 days at most. Some lucky ladies get away with shampooing their hair twice a week. The even luckier ones (usually those with curly hair) can do it once a week. If you find your hair getting greasy in between shampoos at this frequency, I’d recommend trying a dry shampoo. Spraying this powder based aerosol onto the roots of your hair will absorb the excess sebum and freshen up your hair in between shampoos.
Lather, rinse, repeat!
When applying shampoo to your hair, you should work it in from the roots to the tips. Remember that there’s skin under all that hair, so try and work the shampoo into your entire scalp with your fingertips first. On this first round, your shampoo is unlikely to produce a lot of lather – this just means that it’s working.
Rinse your hair thoroughly (for about 30 seconds) to make sure all the built up sebum and left-over shampoo are washed away. It’s good to work your fingers through your hair whilst doing this to get to the hard to reach areas. As nice as it is to just stand under the shower head and let the water do the work, it’s not very effective at rinsing everything away.
     The last step in the shampooing process is to... repeat the whole thing all over again. The purpose of the first shampoo is not to wash your hair but to clean your scalp and remove all the sebum and dead skin (gross!) since your last shampoo. The second shampoo is needed to clean the rest of your hair and ensure all the dirt and grime is gone. You won’t need to use as much shampoo the second time around there is likely to be more lather. After rinsing your hair should feel ‘squeaky’ clean.
Swap shop
It’s always good practice to change around the brand of shampoo that you use. This is because different shampoos are made up of different ingredients. Your hair can adapt to the ingredients in your shampoo over time, which makes them less effective if used continuously over long periods.
I often find that after using the same brand of shampoo for about three months, the roots of my hair are still greasy after a thorough shampoo. This can be really annoying, especially when you only realise it AFTER you’ve blow-dried your hair. Rotating your shampoos every three months should help you to avoid this nasty phenomenon, but make sure you’re not wasteful. Don’t throw away a full bottle of shampoo just because it’s not cleaning your hair as well as before. Shelve it for a few months and use a different brand, then swap back when you need to. Waste not, want not, eh???

Thursday, 17 November 2011

The Paraffin Pedicure

My pedicurist suggested that I get a paraffin pedicure after seeing the state of my heels. She was half-way through my pedicure, having soaked my feet in warm water and aggressively filed my soles with a foot file to remove the dead skin.  I spend a lot of time in heels, and walking is my preferred means of transport to and from work, so I have developed very thick and rough soles. Before moving to paint my toenails she suggested a paraffin treatment to soften and moisturize the skin of my feet.

What is a paraffin pedicure? I was about to find out. My pedicurist arrived with a bowl of hot, red, viscous liquid and presented it to me to dip my feet in. Warning: make sure you have checked the temperature before you plunge your feet in; it is pretty hot and although your sole may be thick and tough, the upper side of your foot has delicate and sensitive skin.  

I dipped my right foot into the bowl of wax. My pedicurist held it down for a moment, long enough for a thick film of wax to encrust over my foot. She guided it out after a minute to harden and then dipped it in again for a second coating. My left foot then followed with a similar treatment. 

Next step the booties: first two plastic bags shaped to cover my feet, where my pedicurist made sure that the plastic clung to the wax to seal in the moisture; followed by two cotton booties to keep my feet warm for the duration of the treatment. 

After ten minutes, it was time to remove the two layers of booties. The pedicurist took the cotton covers off and began to slowly roll-back the plastic layer, peeling off with it the congealed wax. The whole treatment took less than 20 minutes. And the result? My feet certainly felt softer, especially around my heels, which are particularly rough and chaffed. However, in order to make a meaningful impact, it is recommended to use the treatment twice a month. I am not sure if I will have the time to keep it up, but in the meantime, I was recommended to keep my heels moisturised on a daily basis by applying a special foot cream. The other recommendation from my pedicurist for soft and beautiful soles was to stop wearing heels, but that is never going to happen!

Thursday, 10 November 2011

The Fish Pedicure

I was horrified the first time I heard about the new craze that sounded more like some sort of weird fetish than a form of foot therapy! The thought of having hundreds of little fish nibbling at your feet is a little gross to say the least. I have to admit Salonaddict set me quite a challenge when they asked that I have this ‘beauty’ treatment done!

I was by no means excited at the thoughts of getting my feet nibbled at from 100 hungry little fish but I was certainly curious. I imagine on the way to the fish spa all the little fish, known as *Garra Rufa, gleefully swimming around in the tank rubbing their downy fins together in gleeful anticipation of what is now considered lunchtime at the garra rufa fish zoo. Euwww!

On arriving at the fish spa I immediately bombard the therapist with lots of questions while my feet are still safely secured behind socks and laced-up shoes. Do they bite? How does it work? Will they stop if I suddenly want to lift my feet from the water or will they cling in angry retaliation?  I am assured by the lovely therapist that they do not have teeth and they clean your feet by gently hoovering your feet of its dead skin cells in small crumb-sized bites. Mmmm!

The therapist then talks me through the careful sanitation procedure in keeping the water clean by a round-the clock sterilising system reassuring me further that everything is above board.
It takes a few anxious moments before I finally thrust my feet into the tank of fish. If I don’t look into the tank it actually feels quite nice. I begin to feel the first tingle followed simultaneously by one hundred more. When I do look down and realise what’s really happening I feel nauseated.
After a couple more glances I am comfortable enough to look into the tank to see how my feet-loving friends are doing. I see fish circling like miniature hungry sharks deciding which part of my foot looks the most appetising. I can’t help but curl and squeeze my toes inwards in defence of these skin-eating creatures trying to rob the skin off my feet! 

It takes a few minutes to unwind and concentrate on the experience of how this bizarre form of foot therapy actually feels. Once relaxed, I become fascinated as I watch the fish nibble away at my ankles, toes and surface of my feet. There is certainly no denying these little guys have a genuine appetite for dead skin! 

After 25 minutes of my feet in the tank I feel I’ve had enough and I’m hoping the fish have too. I say a quick prayer there are no clingers-on before I release my feet from the water into the safe hands of the therapist who gently rubs and massages my feet marking the end of the strange ritual. I almost expect the fish to applaud graciously for their meal however instead they slow their pace in annoyance while others plop lethargically to the bottom of the tank, tired no doubt from a hard day of pedicuring.

I touch my feet and notice how baby soft they feel on the surface. There is definitely a noticeable difference in the texture. I thank the therapist and she asks me how my feet feel. I tell her my feet feel like new. She advises I get the all over body pedicure done if I ever visit Japan. I look at her with a pair of raised eyebrows and she laughs and goes on to tell me that in Japan they go for the whole body fish spa. Hopefully that craze never reaches our little isle!

All in all, a good experience for both my nerves and my feet. Undoubtedly the strangest therapy I have ever undergone in the name of beauty but I’m thankful for the experience.

* Garra Rufa, also known as Doctor Fish or the Surgeon fish amongst other names, have been used to treat psoriasis, eczema and other skin disorders for years in their homelands of Turkey, Iran, Syria, and Iraq. 

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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Balayage Highlights – the biggest Summer/Autumn trend of 2011

HairstylesWhen it comes to lightening up, one of the most natural-looking and modern colouring techniques available right now is balayage. One of the most notable celebs to bring this trend to our attention was Gisele who sported her honey-toned gorgeous locks more than five years ago. They have since grown in popularity with the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker, Drew Barrymore and Jessica Biel joining forces to achieve fabulous natural looking highlights.
What is Balayage?
Balayage, a French word meaning ‘to sweep’ is a new method of highlighting which lightens the hair gradually from root to tip. This technique achieves an ultra-natural effect by mimicking nature’s way of subtly lightening hair. To balayage the hair, a lightening agent is painted on using a brush and then applied in a sweeping motion from the tip to the root creating a more natural sun-kissed colour. The stylist uses more of a free-style technique and in a “sweeping” motion applies lightener very thinly at the roots to a much thicker application towards the ends. This provides ultimate control over colour application and allows for less regrowth and much more colour contrast within the hair. In addition, the process requires no heat or foils so the hair experiences minimal damage.
HairstylesThe result
The results can vary from a multi-toned rather casual yet very natural-looking look to a more dramatic dip-dye finish. Balayage achieves a more carefree result than traditional, uniform highlights and standard blocks of colour. The sunbleached effect is achieved far more naturally as the streaks of colour aren’t defined as the stylist works more freely and intuitively to suit the individuals hair. The balayage technique has so far proven to be the most natural looking highlights ever giving the impression you have just spent the summer frolicking on a beach somewhere!
HairstylesNot Just for Blondes
Ombré is a French word that literally means "shaded like a gradient," so brunettes and redheads need not be left behind. The results will look super-chic with shading graduating from dark at the roots to light at the ends. Check out Rose Byrne (right) and Olivia Parlemo (left) here to see how the shades of caramels and cinnamons mix wonderfully with their dark hair bringing their eyes into focus and complimenting the skin tones perfectly.

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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Irish women don’t care what men think about their looks?

Irish women don’t care what men think about their looks –
Survey also shows that a quarter of all women haven’t reduced beauty spend despite recession, Ireland’s one-stop-shop for booking hair and beauty appointments online, has today  (Tuesday) revealed    the results of a survey which shows that 87% of women say they feel more pressure to look good from women, rather than men.

In a survey of 1,153 Irish women about their health and beautyhabits, the results also found that 25% of the women surveyed spend the same amount  on hair and beauty today as they did before the  recession.

Hair appointments are the most popular service with 75% booking a blow dry, haircut or colour appointment over other services such as mani/pedis, tanning or waxing. When asked how far women would let their men go in terms of beauty treatments, the majority of women (89.4% and 78.7%) said that a spray tan and sun beds were a step too far, with facials, waxing and manicures generally accepted. Also it seems that Irish women don’t mind if balding men shave or embrace it.

Speaking about the findings, Anne Daly of Face Forward beauty salon in Rathfarnham said: ‘We were   not surprised at the results, which showed that women feel more pressure from other women to look good than from men. It’s a competitive world out there and women are constantly trying to upstage each other’. is an online booking service that offers the best choice of salons, services, stylists, and hottest deals in town! The site offers customers the opportunity to book all their beauty and hair  appointments with maximum convenience at an extensive list of high quality salons within close  proximity at a cheaper rate.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Hair Extensions

Hairstyles | Cheryl ColeCelebrities like Cheryl Cole and Jennifer Lopez are long time addicts of hair extensions. The attraction is the great length, body, height and volume extensions add to natural hair. In the words of Tracy DiMarco from hit American reality TV series, Jersylicious, “the higher your hair the closer you are to heaven”.

When extensions first emerged they were made of synthetic hair which can be a nightmare to manage. Fabric conditioners were needed to keep the extensions soft, and combing was next to impossible. Blow drying had to be done on a cold air setting for the synthetic portion of the hair and hot air for the natural hair, which was time consuming and irritating. So the only head this hair looked great on was Barbie’s!

Recently natural hair for extensions has become much more readily available, making it easier and cheaper to have extensions done in your local salon. Using real hair instead of synthetic strands makes the extensions less noticeable, more flexible and puts less tension on the hair. They are applied strand by strand and the hair line and parting areas are avoided for discretion.
There is such a wide range of hair available today. Remy hair is a top quality, virgin, non treated hair, which means it has never been dyed, straightened or permed. Spanish hair is also a top quality hair commonly used. Natural hair extensions can come in 3 forms:

·         A bag of hair held together by a string (with loose ends)
·          A bag of hair in strands individually pre-bonded with a keratin glue (U-tip)
·         Stick tip little strands that look like shoe laces at the top (I-tip)

One bale of this hair weights around 50 grams and comes in a ponytail which would be about as thick as a 20 cent coin. It should be perfectly straight and shiny, with all strands the same length.

Hairstyles | Jennifer LopezHow it works...
To get the best results, you must make sure your hair is coloured or highlighted before you have extensions put in. First you must have your hair matched for colour with the correct extensions, which will be easy for any good hairdresser. If you have highlights in your hair you will need more than 1 colour, which may cost extra.

While washing your hair prior to having extensions put in, do not use any conditioners, oil treatments or serums, as this can prevent keratin from bonding to your hair and cause slip. The day you get your hair extensions done, make sure your hair is freshly washed and blow dried nice and straight. 

There is a choice of two systems for attachment of extensions to the hair. Both look exactly alike...
·         Micro Beads, sometimes called Micro Links, are little silicone or metal beads clamped onto the hair, strand by strand. Micro Beads can be removed by unclipping the bead or link on top of the strand of hair.
·         Pre-Tipped keratin bonded extensions are put in with a glue product strand by strand. Keratin bonded extensions have to be removed with acetone.

HairstylesProvided the hair is real, you may wash, colour, cut, blow dry or style any way you wish. You will need a special wide-bristle brush to avoid shedding.

Extensions can last anything from 2-4 months. Since extensions are not growing from the root they are starved of oil from the scalp so to keep them looking healthy it’s necessary to apply a conditioning treatment at least once a week. 

If you’re blonde and wondering how to get your roots coloured with extensions, you can only have a T-Bar or Masking done when the extensions are in. Colouring cannot be applied to the bonds, which is why you need to have the perfect colour when the extensions are first bonded.
When blow drying your hair, it’s a good idea to use a cold or medium air setting, as you do not want the glue to melt. 

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Monday, 16 May 2011

Tantastic - Spray Tans

Summer is nearly here but instead of getting the winter white legs out for a good scorching, get a spray tan instead! Spray tans are very popular at the moment because you don’t have to expose your skin to any harmful UV rays.  Also, we are all used to seeing them on MTV with the Jersey Shore and let’s face it we all look better with a tan!  

The process is very simple. When you arrive in a salon to get a spray tan you will be brought into a little room and asked to undress.  You may leave your underwear on but they can get covered in tan - most salons will leave a paper thong in the room to change into and a hair net! The therapist will ask you to perform various poses when they are using the spray tan gun. The therapists are all professionals and will make the process as comfortable as possible. Remember that when you leave after your first spray tan you will be very brown and the tan will possibly be a bit muddy looking - this is only the colour guide and comes off in the shower the next day.  

Before going for your spray tan, here are some tips!
·  Exfoliate and do any shaving the night before to remove the dead skin and ensure the tan goes on evenly.
·  Do not wear deodorant, perfume, moisturiser or make up on the day.
·  Wear loose clothes that you don’t mind getting a bit of tan on and bring flip flops so your shoes don’t get any tan on them.
·  Ladies do not put the bra back on unless you want strap marks!
·  For the best results leave on overnight and wash off the colour guide after it has been on your skin 8 hours, some tans developing times are quicker. We recommend leaving it on overnight
·  Paint a coat of nail polish on your nails the night before so your nails are not tanned too.
·  If you are going somewhere on a particular day we recommend getting your spray tan 2 days in advance so if it’s not dark enough, you can return it to the salon and ask for a top up.  Also, if it’s too dark give it time to tone down or give yourself time to get used to it!
·  Needless to say no water, no washing your hands or heavy sweating until the tan has developed!

After the tan has developed have a shower, bring the shower head down to your feet and rinse going upwards this ensures even removal.  The next thing to remember is moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!  Load it on every day, this keeps the tan fresh for longer.  The last thing you want is scaly looking skin, so no prolonged swimming or bathing because it will take the spray tan off you.

To remove your spray tan in a rush here is something you can do at home - mix up 1 cup of sugar and 1 cup of baby oil and exfoliate your skin.  The best way to do this is to have a long soak in the bath first, then dry your skin and exfoliate! Shower the remains of the scrub off and the tan comes off, you can repeat if necessary.

There are loads of spray tan brands to choose from! Fake tan is actually made by a substance found in sugar beet called dha’s which react with your skin to create the tan. Each brand has different levels of these and colouring! So we have worked very hard at to find you a wide variety of salons with all kinds of tan brands to suit every skin tone! Please see the list below to find your favourite brand of spray tan.

Allure Beauty Salon - Heshi, White to Brown
Baggot Beauty - Tan Organic, Viva Liberata, White to Brown
Beauty Laine - Vanity Tan
Beauty & More - Crazy Angel
Core Beauty - Liquid gold
Couture Beauty - Liquid gold
Ebano - Crazy angel
Face Forward - Tan California
Light Wave Beauty - White to Brown
Midas Touch - Viva Liberata, Sun Fx
One to One - Green Angel
Pretty Woman Beauty - Tan Organic, Tan California, St. Tropez
Rathfarnham Beauty Clinic - Guinot, Revolutionary
Rosebud Beauty Clinic  - Intensive Spray tan
Skinscape - Skin Truth
Studio 92 - Bronze Express, Fakebake
The Beauty Loft - St. Tropez

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Eyelash Extensions - The Flirty Falsies!

Eyelash extensions were first introduced in the 50’s by Hollywood film makers to give actresses that doughy-eyed look for the camera. Nowadays extensions are still as sought after as ever but are much more accessible and come in a range of styles. Most women wear them for that extra flair but some like the lift they give your eyes which can deceive wrinkle lines, giving you a stylish, more youthful look. Applications vary so let’s have a look at what’s available:

Strip lashes are a full strip of lashes that can span the width of your eyelid. They vary in lash thickness, length, width and colour. We recommend these for 1 day use only. The application is glued on with latex-based glue which can be easily peeled right off at the end of each day of use. They don’t stand up to water well, so they’re not what you want for a day at the beach. Strip lashes are more suitable for drama queens that want to show off for that one big night!  They are now readily available for the bottom lash line as well as top.

Individual cluster lashes are applied with stronger glue than strip lashes, to last longer. Some salons will require clients to have a patch test done before application.  Clusters can be applied as sparsely or as thickly as you like and it’s fun to experiment with different styles. A couple at either side of the eye give that sultry feline look. They can also be built up to look as thick as a strip lash if you want them to really stand out.
To hold shape it’s a good idea to try to lie on your back in bed at night and stay away from anything like hot ovens or hair dryers. Cluster lashes are made from synthetic hair and they can bend and lose their shape if exposed to intense heat.
The lashes last up to 2 weeks and should fall out individually, leaving you with gaps needing refills. If you want to take them off a good tip is to coat them in Vaseline each night before going to sleep until they loosen up.
Clusters are fantastic for holidays and weddings, as they are generally not as dramatic as strips but still make an impact! 

Individually bonded lashes are single-strand eyelash extensions that are applied hair by hair onto each individual eyelash on the eyelid. During the process your eyes are taped shut for around an hour, but it can be really worth it. 
These should last 6-8 weeks and are absolutely gorgeous! Even if you used a magnifying glass you’d never work out these were fakes. They add length and thickness to your lashes and are perfect for all occasions, so say goodbye to scaldey eye because mascara just won’t cut it anymore!

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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Nail Wraps – Have Amazing Minx Nails!

Minx nails are simply heat-activated stickers for your nails that are available in hundreds of beautiful, creative designs. Many celebrities like Rihanna, Beyonce and Kim Cattrall (Samantha in Sex and the City) have already succumbed to the Minx craze. Lady Gaga recently showed off her minx nails in her music video Poker Face and Eve was photographed featuring Minx nails with Obama on her left thumb. The cool new look is only beginning to catch on in Ireland. Designs can include anything from flashy chrome and metallic patterns to detailed leopard print, and because it’s a sticker it never smudges.

It is applied by heating the sticker using a hand-held dryer. When it becomes pliable it can be smoothed onto the nail with light pressure, and as it cools any excess can be filed off. It sets instantly so there is no need for additional drying time. When set, the application is already shiny with no need for a top coat - no mess, no fuss!
Minx was the first brand to reveal the nail wrap. Other brands have now emerged like trendy wraps, blixz and winx who offer almost identical products differing only in their ranges of design patterns.

The application should last up to 2 weeks on nails and can be removed by heating under the hot air function on your hairdryer and peeling off. There is no need for damaging nail polish remover or acetones!

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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Bikini Waxing - Welcome to Hollywood!

Why bother shaving when waxing lasts longer, feels smoother, and gives you less ingrown hairs!? There’s no excuse not to brave the Brazilian!

Brazilian waxing and Hollywood waxing have been extortionately over priced in the past, so at we have found the best value salons for the procedures most women see as a necessity!! The staff in our hand-picked salons are professionally trained to cater to the comfort of the client. So give it a go!

Some salons will request you leave your underwear on during the treatment, doing each side separately, so make sure you don’t wear your finest flimsys! Most salons will still ask you to bare all but there’s no need to be embarrassed, as they are not looking at anything other than the hair. As a former beauty therapist I know this!

Another thing to pay attention to is the terminology, as this can vary slightly from salon to salon so:

Brazilian Waxing: Everything removed except a small rectangle or triangle on top. Also known as a landing strip.

Californian Waxing: Will remove just the right amount that lets you wear a thong.

Los Vegas Waxing: Glitz and glamour including hair dying, crystal gluing etc... (very popular around Valentine’s Day for crystal love hearts)

Hollywood Waxing: Lock stock and barrel, see ya!

There are 2 types of wax which can be used:

1.  Warm/honey/strip wax: This has a runny consistency and is removed with a strip.

2.  Hot wax: This is a pliable wax that’s left to set for a couple of minutes and pulled off without the use of strips. It’s a stronger wax and should be used during Hollywoods and Brazilians to avoid hair snapping and to keep ingrown hairs at bay.

To limit pain during waxing treatments we recommend Lycon waxing, which won’t hurt as much as other waxes. The therapist applies a special pre-wax oil to stop the wax from sticking to the skin. There are also numbing creams available, such as no scream cream. Like Lycon Waxing, these only prevent that initial sting. Unfortunately, they all still hurt a little! All waxing treatments should have the same outcome - a hair free area. So our advice is, if the salon near you doesn’t do Lycon waxing, just go for the normal waxing – you’ll survive!

Remember, bikini waxing is definitely not a D.I.Y job, more of a “don’t try this at home kids!” If you book a beauty salon with us you’ll be pleased with the results, which can last 3-6 weeks but always remember, between visits you must exfoliate! exfoliate! exfoliate!

Once you go to Brazil you won’t want to come back!

All Salons providing bikini waxing treatments.

Our best online prices for bikini waxing are currently in Face Forward in Rathfarnham, who offer Californian Waxing for €14.32 and Brazilian or Hollywood Waxing for €19.10 if you book on
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Some of our salons offering Bikini Waxing at great internet prices:
Beauty Laine
Pure Beauty Clontarf
Pure Beaty Kilbarrack
Angelic Features
Face Forward
Blitz It Beauty
Sandrelle Beauty

Friday, 15 April 2011

3 Week Polish - Shellac, Gelish, Geleration - Perfectly Polished Pointers!

On days when you haven’t a spare second to apply even a screed of make-up and your hair is a mess, at least you’ll have perfectly polished pointers. Thanks to the new innovation in gel-based soak-off polishes such as Shellac, Gelish, Geleration and Gelac to name a few, painful filing, splitting and breakages are a thing of the past.

Shellac - CND was the first brand name to emerge with a gel soak-off product range, which became an instant hit. The shellac name has since become synonymous with the gel-based soak-off phenomenon. However other brands have followed with similar high-quality products varying in their selection of colours and estimated curing times.

The product looks like a polish and is applied like a polish but lasts as long as a gel without the trauma of filing or grating the nail away during the removal process. Drying time is dramatically reduced, as fingers and toes are cured under an ultra violet light sometimes taking as little as 10 seconds. The quick setting formula means you can get up and go almost immediately with beautiful unsmudged nails. It also means you can put on your shoes straight after the application with no more need to walk out of the salon in flip flops. The application will stay on for 2-3 weeks, strengthening your nails and allowing them to grow freely with no splitting or breakages.

The gel-based soak-off polishes have attracted the attention of some of the highest profile celebs, with Katie Perry and Victoria Beckham among the more notable fans of the treatment. Of course it’s not limited to A-list celebs, and many of Dublin’s best salons are now providing the service at very reasonable prices with highly trained staff.

Book the best salons at special online prices by searching  Nails - 3 Week Polish on or view availability below:

All Salons providing gel-based soak-off polishes

Pure Beauty, Clontarf from €19.10  View Availability

Pure Beauty, Kilbarrack from €19.10  View Availability

Elaine’s Beauty Care, Mount Merrion from €28.65  View Availability
Face Forward, Rathfarnham from €28.65  View Availability

All About Hair & Beauty, South Circular Road from €28.65  View Availability

Beaumont Beauty Clinic, Whitehall from €28.65  View Availability

The Powder Puff, Sutton from €28.65  View Availability

Beauty Laine, Santry from €28.65  View Availability