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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Eyelash Extensions - The Flirty Falsies!

Eyelash extensions were first introduced in the 50’s by Hollywood film makers to give actresses that doughy-eyed look for the camera. Nowadays extensions are still as sought after as ever but are much more accessible and come in a range of styles. Most women wear them for that extra flair but some like the lift they give your eyes which can deceive wrinkle lines, giving you a stylish, more youthful look. Applications vary so let’s have a look at what’s available:

Strip lashes are a full strip of lashes that can span the width of your eyelid. They vary in lash thickness, length, width and colour. We recommend these for 1 day use only. The application is glued on with latex-based glue which can be easily peeled right off at the end of each day of use. They don’t stand up to water well, so they’re not what you want for a day at the beach. Strip lashes are more suitable for drama queens that want to show off for that one big night!  They are now readily available for the bottom lash line as well as top.

Individual cluster lashes are applied with stronger glue than strip lashes, to last longer. Some salons will require clients to have a patch test done before application.  Clusters can be applied as sparsely or as thickly as you like and it’s fun to experiment with different styles. A couple at either side of the eye give that sultry feline look. They can also be built up to look as thick as a strip lash if you want them to really stand out.
To hold shape it’s a good idea to try to lie on your back in bed at night and stay away from anything like hot ovens or hair dryers. Cluster lashes are made from synthetic hair and they can bend and lose their shape if exposed to intense heat.
The lashes last up to 2 weeks and should fall out individually, leaving you with gaps needing refills. If you want to take them off a good tip is to coat them in Vaseline each night before going to sleep until they loosen up.
Clusters are fantastic for holidays and weddings, as they are generally not as dramatic as strips but still make an impact! 

Individually bonded lashes are single-strand eyelash extensions that are applied hair by hair onto each individual eyelash on the eyelid. During the process your eyes are taped shut for around an hour, but it can be really worth it. 
These should last 6-8 weeks and are absolutely gorgeous! Even if you used a magnifying glass you’d never work out these were fakes. They add length and thickness to your lashes and are perfect for all occasions, so say goodbye to scaldey eye because mascara just won’t cut it anymore!

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