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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Irish women don’t care what men think about their looks?

Irish women don’t care what men think about their looks –
Survey also shows that a quarter of all women haven’t reduced beauty spend despite recession, Ireland’s one-stop-shop for booking hair and beauty appointments online, has today  (Tuesday) revealed    the results of a survey which shows that 87% of women say they feel more pressure to look good from women, rather than men.

In a survey of 1,153 Irish women about their health and beautyhabits, the results also found that 25% of the women surveyed spend the same amount  on hair and beauty today as they did before the  recession.

Hair appointments are the most popular service with 75% booking a blow dry, haircut or colour appointment over other services such as mani/pedis, tanning or waxing. When asked how far women would let their men go in terms of beauty treatments, the majority of women (89.4% and 78.7%) said that a spray tan and sun beds were a step too far, with facials, waxing and manicures generally accepted. Also it seems that Irish women don’t mind if balding men shave or embrace it.

Speaking about the findings, Anne Daly of Face Forward beauty salon in Rathfarnham said: ‘We were   not surprised at the results, which showed that women feel more pressure from other women to look good than from men. It’s a competitive world out there and women are constantly trying to upstage each other’. is an online booking service that offers the best choice of salons, services, stylists, and hottest deals in town! The site offers customers the opportunity to book all their beauty and hair  appointments with maximum convenience at an extensive list of high quality salons within close  proximity at a cheaper rate.