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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Halloween Hairstyles 2013

Yes, it's upon us once again. The celebration of horror and the frenzy of fear. Halloween is the time of the year where you can look good by actually looking bad. You can let loose on your style but still dress to impress. When it comes to your Halloween hairstyle, the crazier the better.  From big frizzy hair to sleek up-styles, there are plenty of hairstyles to try out this Halloween. Whether you're dressing up as a zombie or a wrecking ball, these Halloween hairstyles will get you set up for the big night.

Wild With Style

wild 2

This is a look that you normally wouldn't be caught dead with. However, it is Halloween and the look of death is a common feature. Some of you may wake up in the morning looking like this and therefore don't need to put any work in. For those of us who aren't so lucky (thank god), the best advice would be a mix of a blowdry, a hairbrush and of course some hairspray for volume.

Fairy Princess


If you want a look that won't scare the kids, then try out the Fairy Princess. You'll want to have your hair looking its best for this though so a recent trip to the salon is advised. The look in the picture will require slightly shorter hair but long hair is also feasible. Start off with having your hair straightened. Move on to a bun and plait either side of the head, tie together with a ribbon or flower of your choice and you're flying (pardon the pun).

Scary Rocker


This style is for those of you who want to look scary but chic. We call it.... wait for it..... Scary Chic. Okay, okay, not the most original but at least it rolls off the tongue. It comes with a mix of devilishness and sexiness. Looks great on darker hair as it really brings out the red highlights. If you're a blonde then a similar streak of black highlights works as well. Get ready to rock the night and slay those vampires.

Ballerina Bun


It's certainly a popular look so we said we'd add it in. If you're planning to turn up to the Halloween party as a ballerina or even a cast member of Downton Abbey, the ballerina bun will be a main feature. An up-style will do the job very well especially as it will stay in place through all that dancing, treating and tricking.

Enjoy the night.

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(Pictures courtesy of Google Images)