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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Bikini Waxing - Welcome to Hollywood!

Why bother shaving when waxing lasts longer, feels smoother, and gives you less ingrown hairs!? There’s no excuse not to brave the Brazilian!

Brazilian waxing and Hollywood waxing have been extortionately over priced in the past, so at we have found the best value salons for the procedures most women see as a necessity!! The staff in our hand-picked salons are professionally trained to cater to the comfort of the client. So give it a go!

Some salons will request you leave your underwear on during the treatment, doing each side separately, so make sure you don’t wear your finest flimsys! Most salons will still ask you to bare all but there’s no need to be embarrassed, as they are not looking at anything other than the hair. As a former beauty therapist I know this!

Another thing to pay attention to is the terminology, as this can vary slightly from salon to salon so:

Brazilian Waxing: Everything removed except a small rectangle or triangle on top. Also known as a landing strip.

Californian Waxing: Will remove just the right amount that lets you wear a thong.

Los Vegas Waxing: Glitz and glamour including hair dying, crystal gluing etc... (very popular around Valentine’s Day for crystal love hearts)

Hollywood Waxing: Lock stock and barrel, see ya!

There are 2 types of wax which can be used:

1.  Warm/honey/strip wax: This has a runny consistency and is removed with a strip.

2.  Hot wax: This is a pliable wax that’s left to set for a couple of minutes and pulled off without the use of strips. It’s a stronger wax and should be used during Hollywoods and Brazilians to avoid hair snapping and to keep ingrown hairs at bay.

To limit pain during waxing treatments we recommend Lycon waxing, which won’t hurt as much as other waxes. The therapist applies a special pre-wax oil to stop the wax from sticking to the skin. There are also numbing creams available, such as no scream cream. Like Lycon Waxing, these only prevent that initial sting. Unfortunately, they all still hurt a little! All waxing treatments should have the same outcome - a hair free area. So our advice is, if the salon near you doesn’t do Lycon waxing, just go for the normal waxing – you’ll survive!

Remember, bikini waxing is definitely not a D.I.Y job, more of a “don’t try this at home kids!” If you book a beauty salon with us you’ll be pleased with the results, which can last 3-6 weeks but always remember, between visits you must exfoliate! exfoliate! exfoliate!

Once you go to Brazil you won’t want to come back!

All Salons providing bikini waxing treatments.

Our best online prices for bikini waxing are currently in Face Forward in Rathfarnham, who offer Californian Waxing for €14.32 and Brazilian or Hollywood Waxing for €19.10 if you book on
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Some of our salons offering Bikini Waxing at great internet prices:
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Pure Beauty Clontarf
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