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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

How to Avoid Split Ends

Split ends are every girl’s nightmare and are a constant reminder that you are not being good to your hair.  Split ends occur when the bottom of a strand of hair splits into two or more strands resulting in dry, damaged and dull hair, so preventing split ends can save you hours of examining the tips of your hair trying to get rid of those unruly split ends. Keep your hair looking healthy and beautiful this winter and avoid getting spilt ends by following these helpful tips!!

Get Regular Trims. Many hairstylists recommend that you get a trim every six weeks in order to maintain your hairstyle and keep the ends of your hair healthy. Not trimming your hair regularly is possibly the main cause of split ends. So it is important to go for regular haircuts because split ends can continue to split up the hair shaft and cause even more damage. 

Stop Using Heated Styling Tools. If you cant completely avoid using heated hair appliances limit using them as much as possible as they can cause serious damage to your hair. When you do use them, coat your hair first with a protective heat-styling product, and don’t use the hottest setting on your blow-dryer or hair straightener.

Comb & Brush Your Hair Carefully. Brushing your hair gently before you shampoo is a great way to prevent damaging tangles in the shower. When your hair is wet use a wide tooth comb to detangle your hair after shampooing to prevent breakage and invest in a boar-bristle brush to use on dry hair for the best hair care. 

Shampoo Less. Over-shampooing your hair can be just as harmful as heat or chemicals. Unless you have overly oily hair, cut back to shampooing your hair every other day or less.

Deep Condition. To avoid that frizzy tipped appearance that's caused by split ends make sure to use a good hair treatment once a week. These treatments can help moisturize your hair and prevent the ends from becoming brittle and breakable. However don’t rely on products that claim to repair split ends. They can seal the split end to help it look healthier, but they aren't reversing the damage only a haircut will do this.
Protect Your Hair From Extreme Weather. This winter remember to keep your hair moisturized in the dry cold months and if your heading off for some sunshine keep your hair covered with a hat.
Hair Accessories.The wrong hair accessories can cause hair to become very damaged. Avoid using uncovered elastic bands as they can pull out hair when being removed.  Avoid tying your hair up every day as this can weaken the hair and encourage splits.

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