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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Destiny’s Child Then and Now Hairstyles

Over the weekend Destiny’s Child reunited with an electrifying performance for the 2013 Superbowl. So SalonAddict have decided to take a look at the hairstyles that each of the famous trio have sported throughout the years.  

Beyonce Knowles 

Since starting out her music career Beyonce’s hair has only gotten bigger and better. While her music career evolved so did her hairstyles. Over the years we have seen her transform her hair numerous times, from straight to curly and from blonde to brown, Beyonce has always kept up with the hairstyle trends.  

Kelly Rowland 

In the early stages of Destiny’s Child Kelly’s hair was usually styled into short pixie style haircuts with red highlights running through. However in recent years Kelly has ditched the highlights and has opted for longer hairstyles.

Michelle Williams 

Michelle would be the least adventurous in terms of her hairstyles. She has experimented with shorter hairstyles but usually keeps to long curly hairstyles.

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