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Friday, 1 February 2013

Celebrity Hairstyles – Victoria Secret Angels

The Victoria Secret models are known around the world for their flawless physiques, their glowing sunkissed skin and most importantly their long luxurious hair. Each model is blessed with a mane full of gorgeous curls that would turn anyone green with envy. Want sexy hair like the Victoria Secret Models? well SalonAddict is here to give you some tips that will help you achieve bouncy catwalk hair. 

  • Apply a good volumising mousse to damp hair, either allow it to dry naturally or else or roughly blow dry it.
  • When hair is dry use a large barrel curling iron and take one inch sections and curl the hair. Make sure to lift the hair from the root to get maximum volume. 
  • Avoid curling the ends of your hair as it will give you a more natural look. You want to be left with curls that look natural and effortless for that Victoria Secret Angel hairstyle we all crave. 
  • Gently tousle your curls for a beachy effect then finish with a flexible hair spray to keep your curls in place. 
  • Top Tip: After blow drying your hair, flip your head over and secure in a top bun high on your head and leave for as long as possible. This will provide your hair with some extra volume before you go about curling it.

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