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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Celebrity Hairstyles 2012 – Cheryl

This Geordie star has gone from strength to strength since her dismissal from the American X Factor. With the release of her third solo album and solo tour her fame is reaching new heights. Her style has also evolved and she is now more open to experimenting with different looks. She is beginning to branch out from her safe looks with more colourful outfits and edgier hairstyles. However she still causes jealousy among many women who want to have her style, and her hair is always the center of their envy. 

The Messy Ponytail

One of Cheryl's staple looks in 2012 is the ponytail. She was frequently photographed with a messy ponytail which she wore in her music video for “Call my Name”. This hairstyle remarkably highlights Cheryl’s cheekbones and great smile. The hair is curled or left naturally then it is pulled back and tied with full bangs for an added frame around her face.

The Sleek Ponytail

Cheryl is also known to try the sleek ponytail which has a more polished look. This is created by simply pulling straightened hair tightly back and tied. Extensions can also be added for a more dramatic effect.

Up- Styles

When it come to up-styles Cheryl is not afraid to experiment. From messy up-dos to classic buns, Cheryl can certainly pull off any up-style.
 Full Hair

However Cheryl will never shy away from her favourite hairstyle,the luxurious big hair and that unmistakable shine that she rocks so well. It is this hairstyle that has made her the hair icon she is today. 

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